Northern Skies Twilight Camp 2014  Older Girls

Tuesday Updates

Unit 7  (Karin, Jaclyn, Kira, Madelyn, Alexa) has opening flags.  Remember to send a camper up to the mike to be caller, and to have a Caddie untangle the ropes at the pole.  Units 8 and 9 (Abby, Maddie, Megan, Sarah, Courtney, Pamela, Aila, Kate) have closing flags.  Remember to have the girls practice turning around and coming back.  Units 8, 9, and 10 have Songs at Closing Ceremonies.  After your songs, have the girls line up and we'll present them with an "Oscar".

If you are doing the Campfire/Pizza Party or Overnight Campout on Thursday, we need your permission slip today.

Any changes in your attendance status, email Nick at See you in camp!

Older Girl Confirmation Letters
Confirmation letters for older girls were emailed out Sunday July 12th. Below is a standard letter - if you lost your customized one or forgot which Unit you are in, please email

Sunday Training July 20th
Don't forget, training on Sunday is mandatory, 4:00 - 8:00pm.  We'll serve a light dinner (sandwiches)..

4:00 pm Check In, Photos, Orientation
4:10 pm Leadership Training
5:00 pm Camp Tour, Site Rotations, Dinner
7:00 pm Return to Headquarters
7:10 pm Unit Logistics
8:00 pm Dismissed
Thursday Night Campfire & Camp Out
Join us for the campfire and camp out on Thursday Night.  The campfire & pizza party will go from 8:00pm - 10:00pm, 6th grade campers are invited to join us.  The overnight campout is for girls entering 7th grade and older, at Site 5 (Headquarters) from 10:00pm Thursday - 8:00am Friday.  This is a really fun way to celebrate the end of camp.  Girls camping overnight must sign up for a tent below.

Who: Girls entering 6th grade and older (7th grade for overnight)
What: Pizza Party/Campfire and Overnight Camp out
When: Pizza Party/Campfire - Thursday 8:00pm - 10:00pm
When: Campout - Thursday 10:00pm - Friday 8:00am
Where: Site 5 (Headquarters). 
Cost: $5 for Pizza Party/Bonfire, additional $5 for overnight
Payment: Turn in payment and permission slip in an envelope with your name on it at the Caddie table or to Nick.  Make checks out to "Girl Scouts Northern Skies

Whatever you do, don't give money directly to Nick!  I will lose it or forget who it's from and spend it in at Caribou Coffee!
Treva Bjerke,
Jul 24, 2013, 5:17 PM