Easy tasker setup with AutoShare

Automation of Twilight with Tasker/Locale/Llama etc. (by Niki)

While there is no dedicated Tasker or Locale plugin for Twilight, it is still possible to automate it using intents.

For example, you can manually schedule when Twilight becomes active or inactive, not only based on the rough location, time or sunset.
Instead you could add certain conditions such as Cell Near, Wifi or Power Connected.

The intents must be addressed as target Service to the service class com.urbandroid.lux.TwilightService in the package com.urbandroid.luxThe commands are supplied as extras. The extras are of type string and the value can be set to an arbitrary value.
However, it is recommended to set the value to the same name as the extras name.

The supported list of extras are:
* update
* refresh
* preview
* profile_next
* profile = <profile name>
* toggle
* start
* stop

One option to send the intent is using the am command. For example, the following command (as root) can be used to enable Twilight:

am startservice --es start start com.urbandroid.lux/.TwilightService

For Tasker, the action Send Intent from category Misc can be used.
The correct configuration is as follows:

Action: [empty]
Cat: None
Extra: start:start
Package: com.urbandroid.lux
Class: com.urbandroid.lux.TwilightService
Target: Service