Twickenham Counselling and Therapy Centre hosts a varied programme of reasonably priced Continuing Professional Development Saturday workshops. Intended for both counselling students as well as practising counsellors and psychotherapists, these typically run 10.00 am - 4.30 pm and cost £45/participant. CPD certificates will be issued by the Twickenham Counselling and Therapy Centre.

A number of agreeable and inexpensive local restaurants provide a wide choice of international cuisine at lunchtimes, and we also have a microwave-equipped kitchen in which to make sandwiches, tea and coffee at break times.

Obviously we’re not a dating agency, but you’ll be certain to meet a number of interesting and intelligent colleagues … and who knows? Some of them might even become friends!

Forthcoming Workshops and Events

Saturday 29 April & Sunday 30 April 2017

From Elements of the Self to the Integration of the Self: Facing the Shadow to find the Light

The workshop aims to retrace our emotional roots in childhood by tapping into bodily sensations and completing body scans.  We will embrace our vulnerabilities as children by connecting with our inner child's flow of feelings and experiences.  By making sense of these experiences we will discover who we have become as adults as a result of our earlier experiences.  Integral to life experiences is work on the shadow and the light which will be a central focus of the workshop.

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