CPD & Workshops

Twickenham Counselling and Therapy Centre hosts a varied programme of reasonably priced Continuing Professional Development Saturday workshops. Intended for both counselling students as well as practising counsellors and psychotherapists, these typically run 10.00 am - 4.30 pm and cost £45/participant. CPD certificates will be issued by the Twickenham Counselling and Therapy Centre.

A number of agreeable and inexpensive local restaurants provide a wide choice of international cuisine at lunchtimes, and we also have a microwave-equipped kitchen in which to make sandwiches, tea and coffee at break times.

Obviously we’re not a dating agency, but you’ll be certain to meet a number of interesting and intelligent colleagues … and who knows? Some of them might even become friends!

Forthcoming workshops

Sunday 23 February 2020

Archetypes: Connecting With Your Higher Self
with Michelle Araujo

Archetypes are primal expressions of the universal consciousness that can help us to gain a better    understanding on our behaviours, relationship needs and compatibilities, professional inclinations natural talents and personal challenges. This 4h introductory workshop will hopefully inspire you to reflect on the current themes in your life with renewed insight on your and awareness.

My aim is to give you additional tools to:
     Develop an understanding of archetypes and how they work in the collective unconscious.
     Discover which archetype you are expressing the most at the moment
     Become more aware of your reactions to others based on the natural attraction/friction between 
        certain archetypes due to what they represent.
     Focus more on your assets and what you can do well.
     Use archetypes to enhance meditation and spiritual practice

A questionnaire will be sent to all participants via email, to be completed prior to workshop. Handouts are included.

Duration: 4h including a 15 min break in between 

Fees: £10 per person. This workshop won’t be restrictive. You are most welcome to contribute at the end of the course, though, with the amount you feel comfortable with.

Please note that this workshop is for self development purposes only. 


Please contact Michelle directly at: arujomichelle@hotmail.com to secure your place on this workshop or further enquiries.