Barry Edwards

… is an environmentalist who specialises in naturalism as an emergent psychology; as he believes that “things are not, they become”. Having authored How to Have an Easy Life in 1993, his research has led him to develop a course called ‘Equilibrium’, which makes use of his Unified Theory of Being (UTB). UTB is a new and adaptive approach to the uncertainties of life that focuses on consciousness as a competence which reveals reality, so that one can have better relationships within it. It identifies the components which form life’s reference points, thus removing dissatisfaction and disappointment. Yet more significantly during the process, it provides the means for people to actually find themselves. You can find out more about Barry’s work at

Alexandra Heath
Clinical Hypnotherapist

… is a fully qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist (recognised by the NCH) specialising in Birth Trauma (see and Fertility issues (see She runs HypnoBirth antenatal classes every Saturday at the centre for expectant parents looking for a positive and empowering birth experience. She can also help on a wide range of problems including smoking cessation, OCD, IBS, weight loss and phobias. General hypnotherapy sessions start at £60 per hour. Call Alex on 0208 230 3663 or 07739 849731 for more information
Ian Nethersell
Integrative Therapeutic Counsellor
Ian qualified with a BTEC Diploma in Integrative Counselling and is a full registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy [BACP].

Ian believes people are holistic beings incorporating body, mind and spirit and problems arise when there is dis-ease, conflict and trauma in a person’s life.  Ian aims to help people find their own harmony and ways of being so they can release themselves and become integrated full human beings able to live to their fullest and true potential. Ian integrates various modalities in his therapeutic work including Humanistic, Cognitive, Psychodynamic, existential, spiritual and has developed a model of working known as Prism Therapy. That said though, Ian believes each person is unique and as such is guided by his client’s needs.

Ian is happy to work with clients on most issues but if a client’s needs are out of his professional competencies he will do his best to help them find an appropriate therapist. An initial assessment is free and if clients choose to work with Ian contracts and fees are then arranged and agreed. Contact him on 07989 634054 or at

Shefali Agrawal
Individual and Couples Counsellor
It is not unusual to reach a point in life where you experience difficulty in understanding and making sense of life and relationships, sometimes family and friends are enough in terms of support, however at other times you may want a confidential space where you can talk without getting advice.  Shefali will work with you to untangle some of the threads of your life to gain a clearer understanding of your experiences and thoughts/feelings related to those experiences.  Shefali works on an 8-12 session basis for short term Counselling and Psychotherapy although you may choose to have a more open ended agreement.   Shefali charges £50 for individuals and £70 for couples.  Shefali is an Accredited (MBACP reg.) Counsellor and Psychotherapist. Contact her at or 07983 802760.