Please help

These babies still need to find their forever homes!

Stormin' Norma is about 8 years old. As you can see, she's a tortoiseshell, so she will only be adopted into a home that understands "tortitude"! Norma is very much a "my way" type of girl; she prefers to go in and out through a window. If you're not in an area where an open window is possible all the time, she can learn to use a cat flap. She doesn't care to be held, but will settle in your lap or in bed with you, in her own time. She's a bit on the pugnacious side, so would do best as an only cat or with just one or two roomates. Accustomed to dogs and will let them alone if they do likewise.


These three darlings are recovering ferals in the care of Purrfect Pets. They'll be ready for a forever home in a few weeks!



Alec just arrived here at T3, so we're still learning about him. He's an Oriental Shorthair tom, just under a year old.  He lives outdoors at the moment, but could probably be persuaded to come inside. He's friendly and talkative (especially at mealtime!); not fond of being picked up but will tolerate it briefly.  He's wary of dogs but seems to be curious about them, so he could probably learn to get along with a friendly one.