"Who are you people anyway?" 

Where do you go?

Usual range is within 200 miles of Houston TX; longer runs can be arranged with sufficient notice.


Who are your drivers?

Volunteers from all over, including many fine folks from the organizations listed below. 


What kind of animals do you transport?

Pretty much anything that can fit in a hatchback, with a few caveats: 

Aggressive or other special-needs animals will ONLY be taken to a reputable rehabilitator or other qualified caregiver. 

Exotics will ONLY be taken  to certified wildlife rehabilitators or facilities qualified to care for them.


What do you charge?

Fees vary according to distance and gas prices; $25 will buy you 100-ish miles as of summer 2014. Barter is also an option, and donations are always welcome, of course  ;-)


With what other organizations do you coordinate?

 Southern States Rescued Rottweilers

 On The Road Again (OTRA) rescue transports

 Puppy Passions Rescue & Transport

 Houston Siamese Rescue

Maine Coon Rescue  

 I-10_I-20 Rescue & Transport

 I-45 Transport_4_Rescues 

and several private individuals