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HERE'S THE LATEST:  My story, "Where the Shadow Falls" has been accepted for Rogue Blades Entertainment's "Rage of the Behemoth" anthology.  Here's the official announcement. The story finds my serial character John Humble dealing with a griffin; the anthology features larger-than-life stories by authors new and familiar.

Three other stories are out in two anthologies by Ricasso Press:  Two stories in "Black Dragon, White Dragon," and another story involving John Humble in "Magic & Mechanica." They're available on Amazon.

Another story, "Shouting at the Stone" is available in Speculative Realms' "Where There's a Will, There's a Way," now also being sold on Amazon. Find it here and  read an excerpt here. It's a story of love, loss and magic and discovery.) 

My story is "The Second Fire," in the online fantasy magazine Mindflights. You can read it here.  

The picture below is of me doing my best to look suave and debonair posing with the stones in Avesbury, England.