" Over the years, I have had the privilage of working with some of the most gifted healers, shamans, visionaries and priestesses, researching and exploring divination in many forms.  It is this experience that allows me to tell you, with the utmost confidence, that Monika is a phenomenal priestess who is truly among them.

While I read the tarot myself, there are times when I just need to see Monika.  Her readings have offered insights that have given me strength, patience and compassion and invaluable perspective in the midst of challenging times. The way in which she interprets the cards is not all generic fortune telling or what she thinks you want to hear, but so incredibly personal, speaking to you directly, whatever your spiritual or religious beliefs.  She tends to you with the utmost compassion, integrity and respect.  For years I have sent friends, family and many of my psychotherapy clients to see her.  She has touched the lives of so many people I care about, both personally and professionally.  I trust her completely.  All of my clients whom I refer to Monika report it as being wonderful adjunct to our work together, a catalyst for their healing and deepening their self-awareness on many levels.  Her readings inspire you to take personal responsibility for your well being.  Monika helps you heal yourself.  I cannot recommend her highly enough!"

Dr. Delphyne J. Platner.



 "About a year ago I was going through some personal relationship issues.  A friend shared with me a great reading he had received at the Sword and Rose.  I decided to call the place; Monika answered the phone. Instantly I felt very calmed by her voice. She asked me what was troubling me. I gave her a brief description of my situation and while I was on the phone she pulled a couple of cards. She put my mind at ease  and offered suggestions on how to move forward with the situation that would benefit ME. 

She also explained how mt behavior and thought process were enabling the exact behavior I was  trying to avoid.  Since then I have purchased numerous readings with Monika in person.  Throughout each reading she has taken the time to explain, in detail, what the cards were showing her and how the correlated to my current situation also giving me constructive feedback.  She even gives me time to answer my personal questions!

Thank you Monika!

If you want someone that genuinely cares about you as a person and speaks from the heart and NOT what you want to hear, I suggest you give her a call.  You won't be disappointed!"

-Tricia , San Francisco 

 "Over the years, I have had experienced many tarot readers, and while they were all good I always felt there was something missing. I didn't know what that was until I went to Monika. I discovered that what I needed was more "truth", a deeper "truth". From helping with a decision to figuring out how to cope with a difficult situation, Monika gave me so much insight that I was able to overcome some very large life obstacles in a very healthful way. She isn't afraid to tell you like it is and that is so refreshing, she doesn't need to sugar coat anything because her smile and shining eyes give you the love and comfort you need to hear the "truth". She was able to allow me to  really be present when I was going through a heart breaking situation, her understanding and comfort was mixed with deep insight and tools to get past the fear and hurt. She helped me see the larger lesson and to overcome it buy standing up and being my true self. What more could I ask for when seeking guidance. I will not be able to seek another tarot reader because Monika has spoiled me. I have referred a lot of people to Monika and they always come back with the same expression. WOW! I can't agree more. I hope she continues to read for decades to come, it is her true calling."

       With love and appreciation, Renee in San Francisco


" I have had many wonderful and memorable readings with Monika. Her style is both playful and humorous--seamlessly mixing witty banter, Jungian & depth psychology, spirituality, and clear, direct communication of the Truth that channels through the cards. As insightful and experienced as any therapist, she brings integrity, depth, compassion, wisdom, and respect to every reading--it really is like a mini therapy session! And cheaper too! So go ahead, fire your therapist! I consider Monika a skilled healer and conduit who has mastered her craft. I guarantee you too will not be disappointed. Even friends I've referred who have been very skeptical have walked away wowed by Monika and her knowledge of Tarot. On a practical note, I like that she makes every accommodation for note-takers like me, who like to jot things down during the readings. She's also got a killer sense of fashion, good taste in music and shoes, and can direct you to the best pilates class in town. Go Monika!"

Katie- Palo Alto

"As a magic and mysticism scholar, practitioner, and believer I have engaged with Tarot readers throughout the world for over 15 years.  Monika is truly an exceptional, unique, and above all else compassionate Tarot reader with the integrity and honesty that one hopes to find in a reader.  I’ve been a regular client of Monika’s over the last few years and not only admire her vast knowledge of multiple faiths, doctrines, and beliefs but am grateful that I have found a reader who understands the complexity of the craft and who has the ability to express it simply and directly.  I consider Monika to be one of my “teachers” and am continuously recommending her to anyone I meet who expresses interest in Tarot.  She truly has the ability to change your life.  "

hayah asher hayah,  Ariel- San Francisco


"I have been to Monika twice since she was first recommended to me by a friend.  

I  had a wonderful experience both times, leaving with a great
sense of direction and real intention. Most recently, she alluded to a
closely approaching spiritual endeavor, which would lead me to some
really important life decisions. She also mentioned, with wide eyes,
something of an “inheritance,” and the notion that I no longer needed
to worry about money. The endeavor, a month-long yoga training that I
was to attend only weeks after our session, did in fact enhance my
spirituality so much that I was able to clearly see my dharma — my
life path. I made a decision to move back to my former small town by
this summer, where I plan to eventually sever myself from the
corporate life, embrace and teach yoga, and write for a living — my
greatest passion. I also reconnected with my soulmate, found again
that fantastic magic between us (one of those answers she said would
come to me through this endeavor). The money, $13,000, did show up
shortly after PLUS I received two back-to-back raises. My bad debt is
all gone, and my soulmate and I are now buying our little dream home
in my small town for incredibly cheap. The money feels like it’s been
pouring in ever since. I hope to see Monika again very soon."

Penny from Berkeley, for just a bit longer…

"The first time I had a tarot reading with Monika, I was nervous.  I had never gone to a reader before and I was really concerned with what my future held.  I had these horrible visions that she was going to tell me that my life was over and I had totally screwed up.  Luckily, it was none of that.  Monika provided me with answers and tools to deal with my issues.  As the reading went on, I got more relaxed.  By the time I left the reading, I felt like a reborn woman.  I can't tell you enough, how much she has helped me over the years.  Whether it was that first time where I was dealing with a dysfunctional relationship or the most recent about changing my career.  Go see her, you won't regret it"

-Tanya in Oakland