Readings for all occasions and budgets

My readings last between 30-45 minutes and are based on a sliding scale.  Prices vary by location.  Cash or check only.

Individual readings at the Sword and Rose:  I work every Thursday at the Sword and Rose in Cole Valley where I can take walk-ins.  Due to the fact I also am the shop Priestess, the reading may be interrupted for brief periods and therefore I book readings for an hour.  That way neither you nor the store customers feel ignored.  The rate for the reading is a sliding scale of 40-100 dollars. I can take appointments starting at noon and the last appointment is at 5PM.  Allowances can be made for an hour earlier/later.

Individual readings downtown:  I work out of an amazing sacred space in the historical Hobart Building on Market St by appointment only on weekends.  This is a private sacred space, where there will be no interruptions and my time is 100% dedicated to you and your reading.  The sliding scale for this location is 55-100 dollars. By appointment only.

Private readings at your home:  This service is available to returning clients only.  Many of my clients work odd hours and cannot make it in to see me on my regular reading days.  An appointment can be made for me to come to you.  There is an additional travel charge of $15 .  Sword and Rose rates apply.

Group and Parties:  If you think having a tarot reader for your party would be a fantasic idea, it would.  My party rate is a flat fee of $125 per hour minumum two hours.   I can cater my readings to your event.  They can be full readings for a dear group of friends or they can be mini readings for a larger event.  Usually I can fit in 4-6 mini readings in an hour or 2 full ones.  It is up to you.

Phone Readings: There are times when you need a reading and just cannot make it into town. Whether you live across the country or work hours that don't fit with mine, a phone consultation may be the solution.  I honestly rather meet with you in person, but a phone reading will be just as accurate and intimate as being face to face.  Phone readings are a flat rate of 80 dollars for 45 Minutes.

Client Appreciation Offers: 

Gift Certificates: What a great gift idea for a birthday or holiday.  For every gift certificate you purchase you get a mini (15 minute) reading for yourself. 

Referrals: Refer 5 friends to me and get a gift certificate for a free full reading for yourself.

Host a Party: Invite 4 or more friends over to your house for me to read for them.  They pay for their readings (regular sliding scale) and you get a free one.