22 Paths-Tarot Readings

Insightful readings that offer you tools to empower your personal path in life.


Do images of gypsies with big earrings and crystal balls come to mind when you think of tarot readers?   Have you ever been tempted by the psychic advisors who will tell you all kinds of juicy information for 10 dollars?   Well both of these reader stereotypes are alive and well and I am proud to say, I am neither.  I don't offer to tell you the name of who you will marry.  Or your winning lotto numbers.   What I can offer you is clarity.  Sometimes life just gets overwhelming and we need someone to point us in the right direction.  That's why I am here.  My readings have been compared by many to a mini therapy session; they are interactive, often humorous and filled with tools for you to walk away with.

If you are looking for non-biased guidance in your life that is honest and helpful, please consider making an appointment for a reading with me.