Play Based Learning

At Twelve Corners Nursery School we endeavor to weave learning throughout your child's school day with experiences that challenge your child's imagination and intellect. Your child's play-based experience will include:

                                            purposeful free play
daily creative art
story time
music and movement
large muscle activities indoors
daily outdoor play
gross & fine motor skill development
field trips for four year olds

Our teachers are chosen for their love and understanding of children as well as their teaching degrees and experiences.  The ratio of children to teachers in the four year old class is nine to one and in the three year old class the ratio is eight to one.  

"Being a teacher, I have had the privilege of spending my days with many children. Over the years some of those children have shown a real joy in learning along with wonderful manners.  Upon sharing this information with their families it came to light that these children all began their school days at Twelve Corners Nursery School!  "  -Rosemary Holfoth,   French Road Elementary School

"Almost all creativity involves purposeful play."

Abraham Manslow

For further information about play based learning: