Tools to promote the passage of House Resolution 401

House Resolution 401 is a Simple Resolution which, if passed by the House of Representatives, would express the official opinion of the United States that we urge all countries in Asia and the world to outlaw the cruel dog and cat meat trade, and urge all countries to enforce existing laws against the trade. 

OUR GOAL AS CITIZENS: We are trying to gain as many cosponsors for H.Res.401, as possible, as well to pressure the House Foreign Affairs Committee and the House of Representatives leadership members to bring House Resolution 401 to the House floor for a vote. 

Marc Ching, Congressman Alcee Hastings, Valarie Ianiello, and Liberty in Washington D.C. for the H.Res 752 (now H.Res 30) Congressional Briefing 09.14.16.

How we got here: From H.Res 752 to H.Res 30 to H. Res 401.:
May 2016 - House Resolution 752 was introduced by Congressman Alcee Hastings to Congress. H.Res 752 was a simple House Resolution that would ask the Chinese government to condemn the barbaric and intentionally torturous Yulin dog meat festival and urge China to end the dog meat trade, and establish animal welfare laws.

Sept 2016 - A Congressional Briefing was held in Washington D.C. on September 14th, 2016 for H.Res 752. The photo above is of Marc ChingCongressman Alcee Hastings, Valarie Ianiello (director of the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation in Los Angeles),  and dog Liberty (rescued from a cruel Cambodian dog meat market), who all spoke on briefing panel.  The panel also featured Peter Li of Humane Society International, Andrea Gung of Duo Duo, and Lisa Vanderpump and John Sessa of Vanderpump Dogs. Video of the briefing is here, and below.

Jan 2017 - H.Res 752 died at the end of the 114th Congress in December 2016 because it had not yet been voted on, even though it had over 160 cosponsors. Rep Hastings reintroduced the Resolution in the new 115th Congress in January 2017  as House Resolution 30, abbreviated as "H.Res 30" (and never "H.R. 30", which is something totally different).  H.Res 30 has identical wording to its previous version, H.Res 752.

March 2017 - 
 Congressman Hastings introduced H.R. 1406, which would outlaw dog and cat meat in the 44 states where it is currently legal. Later in March a Congressional Briefing for H.R. 1406 was held, featuring Marc Ching, Valarie Ianniello, and actor Shannen Doherty.  Link to briefing video is here. The activist page for H.R. 1406 is here

June 2017 - It was announced by House Leadership that although House Resolution 30 had 165+ cosponsors, the leaders of the House would not be bringing it to the House floor for a vote, mainly because they felt it unfairly singled out China.  This officially signaled the end of our push for H.Res 30. Later in June 2017, 
H.Res.401 was introduced by Democratic Congressman Hastings, and Republican Vern Buchanan, which if passed would urge ALL countries across Asia and the world to outlaw the barbaric dog and cat meat trade. 

So, to refrain: our current GOAL is to try to gain as many cosponsors for H.Res.401 as possible, as well to pressure the House Foreign Affairs Committee and the House of Representatives Leadership members to bring the Resolution to the House floor for a vote.  We need help contacting them to ask them.  First contact YOUR rep (don't know who your rep is? All Americans have one. Enter your zip code at house.gov to find out), and then contact others. Here is social media contact info and phone numbers for all of the non-cosponsors. 

If you don't know much about the dog and cat meat trade, which mostly takes place across Asian countries, and involves INTENTIONAL TORTURE of dogs and cats, please see this brief Public Service Announcement made in spring of 2016 by Marc Ching of  The Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation, along with some celebrities.  Warning: mildly graphic: 

Marc Ching's Public Service Announcement