Tools to promote the passage of House Resolution 30

Here are Marc ChingCongressman Alcee Hastings, Valarie Ianiello (director of the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation in Los Angeles), and Liberty (rescued from a cruel Cambodian dog meat market), who all spoke on September 14th, 2016 in Washington D.C. on the Congressional Briefing Panel for House Resolution 752, a simple House Resolution that would ask the Chinese government to condemn the barbaric and intentionally torturous Yulin dog and cat meat festival and urge China to end the dog and cat meat trade and establish animal welfare laws.  In 2017, the Resolution was reintroduced in the new Congressional Session as House Resolution 30, abbreviated as "H.Res 30" (and never "H.R. 30", which is something totally different).  Video of the briefing is here, and below. 

Marc Ching, Congressman Alcee Hastings, Valarie Ianiello, and Liberty in Washington D.C. for the H.Res 752 (now H.Res 30) Congressional Briefing 09.14.16.

Marc Ching's Public Service Announcement