All Google Certified Teachers are charged to complete a GTA Action Plan within one year of their certification. GCTs are asked to leverage their new skills, community, and inspiration to impact teaching and learning through technology. Here is my plan to change the world:

Action Plan Overview

My seventh grade English language arts class is going digital. This does not mean that every student has a mobile device or computer (they don't).  Going digital means that our writing focus will be shaped by the essential digital skills students need to write in the 21st century. As the lead learner, I will grow alongside my students as we—
  • Identify and practice the standards of good digital citizenship
  • Master an increasingly complex hierarchy of skills surrounding digital writing
  • Demonstrate understanding of our own growth as digital writers
  • Publish what we've learned to the school, our community, and the larger world

Recent Reflections

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Google Certified Teacher

Amy McMillan
English Teacher
GTA Mountain View 2014

I am dedicated to creating authentic reading and writing tasks for my seventh grade students.  In our class, we read, draft, create, collaborate, revise, and publish using various digital tools.  The technology we use depends on the purpose and the audience. Together we write, and together we learn and grow.

You can read my teaching blog at amyjmcmillan.wordpress.com or my classroom blog at msmcmillanenglish7.com


GTA Action Plan Timeline