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Use of spiritual images and terms in TweedleWink

posted Jul 22, 2010, 11:07 AM by Pamela Hickein

An awareness of world cultures is vital for world peace. 

Cultural awareness includes: language, customs, clothing, climate, geography, food and religion. 

When parents see a spiritual image, and are concerned about it--we respond respectfully.  We explain that we do try to show an example or depiction of each major religion. 

As you will see, the DVDs have a very strong Christian influence.  This is due to the world having that same historical/political influence in the West--from European art commissioned by the Vatican to famous cathedrals and churches established the world 'round. 

Here is the full picture of what is included in our complete series.

Spiritual (general)
Lesson 1) POETRY: Browning (use of the word

Lesson 1) CULTURES: Mexico (image of a church)
Lesson 2) CULTURES: France (image of a church)
Lesson 4) ART: Madonna and Child (images from around the world)
Lesson 4) POETRY: Wesley (Wesleyian church founder)
Lesson 5) CULTURES: Spain (image of a church)
Lesson 8) CULTURES: Peru (image of Mother Mary in arts and crafts)
Lesson 11) CULTURES: Italy (image of  cathedrals and monestaries)
Lesson 12) ART: Tiffany (angels)
Lesson 13) ART: Michelangelo (images of Jesus and more)
Lesson 14) ART: mosiacs (images of Jesus, Mary and saints)
Lesson 15) ART: bronze sculptures (David, Saint George)
Lesson 15) POETRY: Farjean (mention of "Christmas")
Lesson 17) ART: da Vinci (images of Jesus and his disciples)
Lesson 17) CULTURES: Sweden (mention of "Christmas")
Lesson 22) CULTURES: Brazil (statue of Christ)
Lesson 23) ART: Gauguin (images of Christ, angels)
Lesson 25) CULTURES: Portugal (image of a church)
Lesson 25-28) SPEED READING: Dickens (mention of "Christmas")
Lesson 26) CULTURES: Russia (image of two churches)
Lesson 27) ART: Botticelli (angels)
Lesson 27) CULTURES: Columbia (image of two churches)
Lesson 27) POETRY: Old Testament (Psalms)
Lesson 29) ART: Rembrant (image of Christ, three crosses)
Lesson 30-31) VOCABULARY: Architectural Structures (image of churches)
Lesson 32) CULTURES: Czech Republic (mention of the "holy trinity")
Lesson 37) CULTURES: Ethiopia (image of a church)
Lesson 39) ART: Raphael (angels, Mother Mary)
Lesson 43) CULTURES: Finland (image of a church)
Lesson 44) POETRY: Old Testament (Psalms)
Lesson 45) ART: Rossetti (images of Christ)
Lesson 47) POETRY: Old Testament (Corinthians)

Lesson 3) ART: Roerich (Buddha, Maitreya)
Lesson 3) CULTURES: Japan (image of Buddha)
Lesson 15) ART: bronze sculptures (image of Buddha)
Lesson 19) POETRY: Shantideva
Lesson 22) ART: Tibetan Art (images of Buddha)
Lesson 24) CULTURES: Thailand (sacred pagoda)
Lesson 43) POETRY: Dalai Lama
Lesson 45) POETRY: Shantideva

Lesson 1) POETRY: Browning (mention of persian king "Akbar")
Lesson 7) ART: Persian Carpets (prayer rugs pointing toward Mecca)
Lesson 14) CULTURES: India (Taj Mahal)
Lesson 16) POETRY: Rumi
Lesson 18) CULTURES: Turkey (Hagia Spohia - mosque, now museum)
Lesson 29) CULTURES: Malaysia (image of a mosque)
Lesson 36) POETRY: Rumi
Lesson 39) CULTURES: Iran (image of a mosque)
Lesson 48) CULTURES: Saudi Arabia (Mecca)

Native American
Lesson 10) ART: Hopi Pottery (belief in harmony with nature world)

Lesson 28) CULTURES: Singapore (Indian temple)
Lesson 38) ART: Hindu sacred art

Celtic Mythology
Lesson 7) POETRY: Stevenson (mention of fairies)
Lesson 15) CULTURES: England (Stonehenge)
Lesson 20) POETRY: Morley (mention of "gnome")
Lesson 22) VOCABULARY: Mystical Creatures
Lesson 23) CULTURES: Ireland (leprechauns)
Lesson 29) POETRY: Field (mention of elves)
Lesson 36) ART: Celtic knots
Lesson 34) POETRY: Shannon (mention of fairies and leprechauns)
Lesson 42) POETRY: Hobbs (mention of fairies, dragons)

Greek Mythology
Lesson 3) SCIENCE: The Golden Ratio
Lesson 27) ART: Botticelli (mention of Venus and Mars)
Lesson 45) CULTURES: Greece (image of the Parthenon, etc. )

Egyptian Symbology
Lesson 4) CULTURES: Egypt (image of Sphinx, hieroglyphs)

Incan/Aztec Symbology
Lesson 1) CULTURES: Mexico (Aztec imagery)
Lesson 8) CULTURES: Peru (Incan site)
Lesson 22) CULTURES: Brazil (Rio Carnival)
Lesson 35) CULTURES: Chili (moai statues)

African Tribalism
Lesson 4) CULTURES: Kenya (ceremonial mask)
Lesson 16) CULTURES: South Africa (Zulu warriors)
Lesson 30) CULTURES: Nigeria (image of a nok, sculptures of unknown deities)
Lesson 36) CULTURES: Namibia
Lesson 37) CULTURES: Ethiopia
Lesson 46) CULTURES: Conga

Chinese (Confucianism/Taoism)
Lesson 5) POETRY: Tao Te Ching
Lesson 13) CULTURES: China (terra cotta warriors)
Lesson 28) CULTURES: Singapore (Chinese festival with dragons)