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I have moved!!!

now located within 

Be Nourished

3719 N Williams Ave 

Portland, OR 97227

  Serving Individuals, Couples, & Families

Relationship to self is the foundation for all other relationships. I provide a relaxed environment in which we can work collaboratively to build your strengths, deepen your insights and increase motivation to move forward on your path. My direct approach, combined with deep compassion, respectfully supports your healing process, bringing you more fully into the present and more fully into yourself.  Look forward to enjoying a deeper connection in all of your relationships.


    Have you been burned by a previous counseling experience?        I offer a free 30 min. consultation to all clients.  Come on in and let's see if the fit is right for you.


My training is in marriage and family therapy , a systemic discipline focusing on all kinds of familial relationships and connections including how we interact with our greater culture and the communities in which we are engaged.  I also have specialized training and experience in:

  •  addictions
  • ADHD
  • anxiety
  • couples and relational counseling
  • diabetes
  • eating disorders and body image
  • grief and loss
  • parenting and adoption
  • sexuality and gender issues
And a long history of working with at-risk and gifted adolescents and young adults.  It is all work I truly enjoy! 

  I am LGBT friendly


Life doesn't have to be...

As a Type 1 diabetic, diagnosed at age 12, I also have extensive experience supporting diabetic youth, adults and families and working through emotional health issues that may arise as a result of diagnosis, complications, etc. that can be a barrier to living the life and lifestyle of which we've dreamed.   

My personal passion and scholarship focus is based in ecopsycholoy and our connections with the natural world, our body and structure and use of time.  I believe in the healing power of natural spaces and may suggest (if mutually agreeable) meetings outside the office in a nearby natural setting or walking and talking.  My outdoor/indoor healing space, complete with hot tub, sauna, outdoor shower, massage services and integrated counseling packages, is currently under construction in North Portland.  Please look forward to the formal opening of Insights Outside in North Portland in late 2010

Other theoretical perspectives that influence my work include but are not limited to: Emotionally Focused Therapy, Bowenian Family Therapy, Systems Thinking, Narrative Therapy, DBT, Jung and others.  Please feel free to ask further questions or about particular theorists you find interesting.

Together we will decide how long we will meet to reach your goals.  Because my approach to this decision is humanistic and solution focused, the length of our relationship may vary greatly.


  • Individual....$80

  • Couples.......$95

  • Family.........$110 (depending on size of family)
  • Groups.........$40

Insurance billing and sliding scale fees available upon request....just ask!

Contact Teresa at 503.730.8903