My name is Davina Ariana Seoparsan. I am a Junior at J.R. Tucker High School, enrolled in the International Baccalaureate Program. I have an extensive background with the topic of teen depression and am very passionate about the topic.  A few years ago, a friend came to me with a very serious problem that she could not tell to anyone else. At first, after listening to her problem, I had no idea what to do or who to talk to. Eventually, I went to the guidance counselor and presented the case in a hypothetical situation. The counselor gave me advice, which I took back to my friend. I was able to help her out of a very serious situation and I realized that some teens would initially prefer to talk to their friends about their problems , rather than talking to an adult.  This led me to form a peer counseling group where kids could come to talk about anything they want to! Over the years I have formed several of these groups.

I have created a foundation called, “Together We Can- Celebrate Life”, to raise funds towards education on this topic. I compete in pageants, and have adopted this very important issue as my platform.I have won several state and two national titles and have had the opportunity to spread awareness about teen depression and suicide throughout the country. In addition, I have appeared twice on the CBS show, “Virginia This Morning,” and at several forums to talk about teen depression and suicide awareness.
It is my hope that this website will provide information and tools that are needed in order to prevent fatalities and create a better understanding of the topic of teen depression and suicide. Based on the information that I have collected throughout my study of this important topic, I have made it my duty to do whatever I can to ensure that suicidal teens realize that there is always someone there for them to talk to.