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The ability to solve some of the world’s biggest issues — hunger, relief after natural disasters, nutrition, education — often hinges on one flashpoint:

Access to information. And when the person needing the information cannot get it in her native language, she may not have the tools to survive.

Translators without Borders and have developed a platform in which non-government and aid organizations can easily ensure that their constituents can understand the critical information they provide. Through the Translators without Borders platform, aid organizations can work directly with professional, vetted translators volunteering their time to provide high quality translations.

To date this platform has enabled nearly 100 NGO’s to further their humanitarian efforts.  Over 800 translators have volunteered their time to translate over 2,000,000 words.

Right now, Translators without Borders staff are visiting Africa to further support relief efforts there.

Will you help support these efforts by making a donation in the month of December?

In support of their efforts, will match every $100 donation to Translators without Borders by donating a year-long professional membership to a translator in Africa.  By granting membership to translators in Africa we hope to provide them with access to more work and a means to build their freelance translation businesses.

Supporting Translators without Borders is a worthy cause on its own but by donating during the month of December 2011, your donation will go even further via's matching donation in kind with full membership to a worthy translator on the African continent.

Do you know a translator that would benefit from receiving your matched membership benefit? No problem, just let us know whom to gift that membership to and we’ll handle the rest.  Please note: Translator receiving gift membership must not have had any active memberships in the previous 13 months.

Why should you donate now?

  1. It is 100% tax deductible, and just in time for fiscal year end
  2. Support the great work that Translators without Borders is doing in Africa and across the globe
  3. will match each $100USD donation with a membership donation to a translator of your choice, or to a worthy translator in Africa
  4. Donate $1,000 USD and receive special recognition on the Twb Donors page and on

Click the donation details tab at the top of the page to contribute today!

Thank you for your time, and support.

Drew MacFadyen  

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