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Dark Angel

Following Orders - Max/Alec - PG - Summary: Two comment fics based on the comment_fic  prompt "following orders"

Waking to Tomorrow - Max/Alec - PG -  Summary: Alec has never made it easy on Max. Max returns the favor.

First Time's a Charm - Max/Alec - G - 600 words - comment_fic: Alec's first seizure.

Night Terrors - Slash - Alec/Logan - G - 541 words - comment_fic

Get By with a Little Help - Slash - Alec/Logan - R - 650 words - Summary:  Alec is lonely; Logan tries to help him out.

Cold Comfort - Gennish Max/Alec, Logan - PG - 2000 words - Summary: Hypothermia makes for a needy Alec. 

Double Jeopardy - Het - Alec/FC, Max/Logan R -  5800 words - Summary: The sight of her is like a punch to the gut, unexpected and brutal. 

Slip of the Tongue - Het (Alec/Asha) - Adult -  601 words - Summary: Hot lovin with a smidge of a story.

Hot in the City Tonight - Het (Max/Alec) - Adult - 3500 words - Summary: Alec tries to protect Max from herself with hot and sweaty consequences. Yes, this means I'm trying my hand at a heat fic.

The Tactic - Gen - PG-13 - 1600 words - Summary: amory_vain wanted bruised and traumatized Alec with a side of Ames.  I obliged her.   Written for the jam_pony_fic challenge.

Reversal of Fortune - Slash - Adult - 2500 words - Follow up to The Tactic. Summary: Alec has Ames at a disadvantage.  Dubious consent.


Hurt/Comfort Meme Comment Fic - Gen - PG - Prompt:  Sam and Dean, gen. Set sometime in season four. Sam has a fever and Dean is taking care of him. Sam also tells his brother he thinks Dean doesn't love him anymore, and Dean convinces him otherwise.

They Call the Wind Mariah - Gen - PG-13 - 4,500 words - Summary: The Winchester boys and the Winchester men. For jaylan121 - hurt!Dean, tiedup!Dean, kidnapped!Dean and protective!Sam and John.

In Perpetuity - Gen - G - 300 words - Summary: Some things never change.

Blaze of Glory - Gen (Castiel, Dean) - G - 630 words - Summary: Castiel considers Dean.

Big Crack Attack - Gen - PG-13 - 1300 words - Summary: H/C fic that went cracktastic. Read at your peril.

The Weight of Water - Het (Dean/OFC, Sam) - Adult - 5300 words -  Dean and Sam are hunting a phantom mustang herd on the property of spitfire ranch owner Mandy O’Malley. She can’t stand Dean. He finds her irritating and oversensitive. So of course they must have sex. Written for the spn_summerlove challenge.

No Way - Gen - PG - 100 words - Summary: written for the supernatural100 prompt "Yellow." 

Returning - Gen - G - 100 words - Summary: written for the supernatural100 prompt "Red" *

3 am - Gen - PG - 1000 words - Summary: Dean can't always wear his game face.*

Three Days Later - Gen - PG - 440 words - Summary: Sometimes, Dean forgets.*  

Personal Grooming for the Modern Man - Gen - PG-12 - 1500 words - Summary: Dean gets whammied. Sam gets freaked.*

Day of the Dead - Gen - PG-13 - 3000 words - Summary: Something is strange about Sam.*

The Watchman - Gen - PG - 4200 words - Summary: Seven days until the deadline for Dean’s one-way trip to hell, Sam finally figures out how to save his brother’s life.  On that day, Dean nearly dies.*

A New Leaf - Gen - PG-13 - 6400 words - Summary: Dean decides to, well, turn over a new leaf and live the time he has left to him differently.*

Out of the Bag - Gen - PG - 395 words - Summary: Dean is strangely reluctant to join a hunt.*

A Boatful of Flamingos Ain't Gonna Salve My Ego - Gen - PG-13 - 900 words - Summary: Dean's trying to outrun a very persistent pursuer. Speeding, swerving, swearing, and skidding ensues.*

Note Me, Baby - Gen - PG-13 - 5000 words - Summary: Sam and Dean encounter zombies, a warlock, and some mysterious, but aggravating notes. In Nebraska. Oh my.

Refuge - Gen - PG-13 - 4900 words - Summary: Dean’s fighting off hypothermia, his worried brother, and chick flick moments in the cold Wisconsin woods.* 

*These stories also appear as audiofics here