By Cheryl Dyson & Xina Marie Uhl 

Lipstick Jungle Spec Script

Twenty-Three Phone Calls - 1 hour TV
Set between episodes 6 and 7.  Victory escapes into the wilderness to find creative inspiration--and finds what she's looking for in a rugged fisherman named Rick. Wendy's home life is typically frantic, but her work life is going smoothly.  So smoothly that something has to go wrong.  And it does ... Kirby's sordid past and the resurgence of Charles's gambling addiction combine to send Nico to Jack for comfort.  Jack Daniels, that is.

Supernatural Spec Script

Love Hurts - 1 hour TV
It's Valentine's Day ... Supernatural style.  Sam and Dean are on the trail of an otherworldly entity who is killing rapists by removing their weapon of choice.  But an obsessive insurance investigator and the suddenly sex-crazed Ellen seem determined to distract them at every turn!

Original TV Pilot

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
meets Sliders.  Except with more sex.  And fewer vamps.  And lots more sarcasm. Plus, other stuff!

Original Screenplays

City of the Dead
Written by Xina Marie Uhl & Janet L. Loftis (based on Necropolis)
In a far-off desert land, a young amnesiac struggles to unlock the mission hidden in his lost memories: will he bring peace between two rival city-states or apocalypse?   

Shipley of Fools
A pious, maniacal  priest tries to bring roguish thief Shipley Courtaine to justice, but keeps getting thwarted by evil warlocks, sweaty, conquering armies, and lustful ladies.


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