About Us

Cheryl Dyson 

Cheryl Dyson’s father’s occupation as an actual cowboy caused the family to move around a lot – in fact, she’s lived in so many Western towns that she can’t remember them all. As a youngster, she competed in professional Appaloosa horse shows, winning numerous ribbons and trophies in varied events. Her favorite thing to do was ride a horse (in a dead gallop) to a nice, secluded spot where she could read in peace.When she eventually ran out of books this habit that lead her to writing.Adulthood brought experience working in various accounting positions, all the while writing novels, short stories, and screenplays.As co-owner and editor in XC Publishing, a small electronic publisher, she published eight original novels.Cheryl lives in Washington state where she spends her free time cooking, crafting, and—of course—reading and writing.Her status as Commander of the Universe, coupled with her prolific writing of Harry Potter fan fiction, has garnered her many groveling peons (and several marriage proposals) in the U.S., Russia, and China.

Xina Marie Uhl

I'm basically a writer.  A reader.  And sometimes, a pumpkin eater.  

I also have a questionable sense of humor.  

When I'm not obsessing over some sci fi/fantasy/horror show, movie or story, I work as an editor/writer and history instructor.  I love love love love the CW show Supernatural , and spend most of my free time reading fanfic, writing fanfic, and making audio recordings of fanfic.  I also spend some time catering to my husband, hounds, and house.  In that order.  

1,000,053 ideas for books, stories, screenplays, and teleplays have taken root in my brain, resulting in the publication of one novel to date, and a collaboration between Cheryl and myself to bring some of these ideas to fruition.  If you care to be notified about what I'm up to, and to be the first to look at my new fiction, join our mailing list below.