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Virginia Aycock 
Honolulu writer, speaker, television producer, narrates firsthand accounts of spiritual healings and insights.  Friends and neighbors reading her book comment:
It's nice to see something so positive in print!

Your essays have become my friends.  In fact, they send me to the Bible to look up all the references you give.       

Your book kind of explains things. 

Where do you get all the ideas you write about? 

In these times of such great confusion, it's encouraging to feel at peace by reading such wonderful thoughts! 

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    People often say their lives are informed by Buddha, Mohammed, Ghandi, Deepak Chopra or other great thinkers.  Or by biblical figures Jesus, Paul, Moses and others.  Aycock was profoundly touched early in life by Christianity, but her biblical ideals came alive and put in motion when she read Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. “Her book just made sense to me!” says Aycock, and she is not alone.  The impact of Eddy’s extensive life work goes well beyond any one person or even any religious denomination, or so says the Women’s National Book Association.  Just a few years ago, it named Eddy's Science and Health one of 75 books by women Whose Words Have Changed the World.  Experiences related in Aycock’s book of 33 

essays confirm how right the Association was!   Aycock shows how multi-dimensioned and powerful spiritual ideas are when welcomed into one's own heart and allowed to work in one’s own consciousness and life.  For those seeking and for those who may be new to spiritual concepts, this easy to read and fun to share book paves the way.  It's a must! 


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