Did You Know?

You can’t just run any cable in-wall, especially the power cable supplied with your TV or other electronic equipment. IT IS UNSAFE AND A FIRE HAZARD TO RUN POWER EXTENSION CORDS AND YOU COULD BE LIABLE FOR THE DAMAGE CAUSED BY IT TO THE BUILDING AND OTHER TENANTS, ESPECIALLY IN AN APARTMENT AND ATTACHED HOMES. Audio Video cables have to be rated for in-wall installation. Your equipment warranty and home insurance company may not cover you for liability caused by improper installation. We are capable of installing a CSA approved SURGE-PROTACTABLE power outlet with all other Audio Video cables safely hidden behind your TV on the wall.

Our professional technician will make sure that your TV is carefully mounted to a secure bracket or platform, and we will also take care of all the wiring and cabling to prevent tripping. Since we are not just a handyman service who can find studs and install your wall mount square on the wall but we will also optimize your sound and picture settings and connect your system for best performance so that you can take advantage of all the features your new TV has to offer. Properly configure network settings for SmartTV to optimally enjoy NETFLIX, YOUTUBE, SKYPE etc. We complete every job with a thorough post-installation inspection and a demo of your new setup.

Take the pain out of setting up your new LCD TV and Home Theater System. Our professionals can meet with you to create the perfect installation plan and handle all aspects of getting your equipment to look and sound its best in your home or business. Our experienced technician has serviced, upgraded and installed professional systems at Homes, Places of Worship, Educational Institutions, Transportation Hubs, Rec Centers and businesses across Canada.