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How many of you guys think watching tv sitcoms is waste of time.I sincerely think that watching tv sitcoms is waste of time,in fact these days I only watch tv shows that are either scifi or some crime involved.I feel that a tv show should have some plot and if people watch shows like Friends,Thats 70s show,Two and a Half Men they literally don't have any plot...Oops I forgot to include How I Met Your Mother in this list,thought I watch How I Met Your Mother weekly just for the character Barney Stintson,I still feel that the show has not done anything great..But these are strictly my views and I believe that the views of other people might change and I am looking forward to hear from them.The tv shows that I like are 1)Lost  2)The Mentalist (its a new show this year and its awesome...I highly recommend it for guys who love crime and witty comedy) 3)Supernatural (Its onto its fourth season and still really awesome) 4)Southpark   5)Family Guy (I must agree that I love crude humor)  6)American Dad  7)How I Met Your Mother  8)Detective Conan (I love Japanese Anime).In my next post I am going to share details about how to watch the tv shows online,when you guys miss it on Television.