Google Documents

You want to give people the ability to edit only certain pages on your Google Site?

This is a sample webpage that Includes a mixture of HTML and an embedded Google Document. You can give other people permission to edit your document in Google Docs.  A new document version will appear here when the edit is complete.   

General Directions:
- Create the page
- Create the Google Document (Share It to the Web)
- Give your editor(s) permission to edit the Google Document 
- Embed the document into your webpage

See the two samples below

This example uses the Google Sites Document Gadget
(Click on Edit page,  click on Insert, then click on Document and choose your document)

The example below uses the embed code form Google Docs. When in your document choose  Share, Publish to the web then copy the embed code from within Google Docs into the source of your webpage.

Note: I adjusted this document to have a top, left and bottom margin of .1