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Owner: Chris Smith

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How can I help you?

My Vision...

Helping people succeed is what drives me.

We all have our special talents and passions.

My passion...

Software development and the web

I love solving business problems with efficient software solutions.

My Experience...

Over 18 years in the IT industry. I have implemented successful integration solutions that continue to save time and money for organizations.

My Services...

I build secure affordable website solutions for my customers.  Today I focus my energy on Google Sites and Google's Blogger platform. 

Support Model
0 to 3 hours = Free with a paid yearly subscription
3.1 to 6 hours = $30.00 per hour
6.1 to 9 hours = $35.00 per hour
9.1 and above = $40.00 per hour

Beyond the subscription service I can support organizations in various ways. My normal rate is $80.00 per hour.

More Help...

Examples: Dynamic Bar ChartDynamic Line Chart and Dynamic Web Table 
  • Get help with Content Management System page edits (Examples: DotNetNuke, JoomlaWix and Wordpress)
  • Get help with your static website edits; we can transfer updates using File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
  • Sell online with integrated PayPal Buttons and Carts
  • Integrate AddThis Buttons into your website
  • Create a social presence with a Facebook page for organization
  • Add handicap accessibility into your website
  • Help with Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) edits
  • Create a Mobile strategy
  • Get Graphics Editing help for your web page images
  • Add a YouTube Channel and upload video

Hard at Work

Building for Business