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We are a group of students at Thompson Valley High School. We participate in a competition known as FIRST Robotics Competition. Each year we go to a local kick-off in order to find out the year's game. From that point, we have six weeks to completely build a fully functioning robot that can accomplish as much of the tasks as possible or to gain as many points as possible. We encourage everyone to come to any of the competitions. You can find out more at

We are a group of students from Thompson Valley High School involved in a robotics program known as FIRST Robotics. FIRST is an acronym for: "For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology".

Thompson Valley Robotics is an organization that gives students an opportunity to take part in a real-life experience of science and engineering, giving them the opportunity to develop talents in programming, drafting, problem solving, teamwork, gracious professionalism, leadership, mechanical skills, and electrical circuitry skills.

Note: This site has not been completely updated since the end of the robotics season in 2013-2014.  I am still working on fixing it as of 10/6/14.

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