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Series Summary
On March 21, 1963, over three hundred inmates and more than forty guards disappeared from the Alcatraz island prison without a trace. To cover up the disappearance, the government invented a cover story about the prison being closed, due to unsafe conditions, and officially reported that the inmates had been transferred.  In present-day San Francisco, the "63s" (as the missing inmates and guards are called) begin returning, one by one. Strangely, they haven't aged at all, and they have no clues about their missing time or their whereabouts during their missing years. Even more strangely, the government has been expecting their return, and Hauser now runs a secret government unit dedicated to finding the returning prisoners; this unit was set up long ago in anticipation of the prisoners' returns. To help track the returning prisoners down and capture them, Hauser enlists police detective Rebecca Madsen and Dr. Diego Soto, a published expert on the history of Alcatraz and its inmates. The 63s appear to be returning without any memory of where they have been but with compulsions to find certain objects and to continue their criminal habits.

Drapeau : États-Unis Sarah Jones
Rebecca Madsen
Drapeau de Nouvelle-Zélande Sam Neill
Emerson Hauser
Drapeau : États-Unis Jorge Garcia
Dr. Diego "Doc" Soto
Drapeau : États-Unis Jonny Coyne
Warden Edwin James
Drapeau du Royaume-Uni Parminder Nagra Dr. Lucille "Lucy" Banerjee
Drapeau : États-Unis Jason Butler Harner
Elijah Bailey "E.B." Tiller
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Release date
1 Season 1

October 15, 2012
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Tuesdays 9pm
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Series Info
Country of origin
Drapeau : États-Unis United States
Running time
42 minutes
Watch (+1)(HD)
Original UK run
13 March 2012 - present
Created by
Elizabeth Sarnoff
Steven Lilien
Bryan Wynbrandt
Filming location(s)
Drapeau : Canada Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Official site
Alcatraz on Watch
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Show Status
Cancelled after one season