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Ilocos Personalities

Past Personalities

George Paul Guerrero: He is one of the anchors-reporters of the newscast in its earlier years. He has hosted other news and current affairs shows in ABS-CBN stations in Northern Luzon cities. He is the present anchor of the Dagupan City newscast Balitang Amianan.

Victor Andal: He is one of the anchors-reporters of the newscast. He has delivered special reports for the newscast and has written articles in a number of Laoag-based newspapers. His stint in TV Patrol earned him a nomination for a Best Regional Newscaster award. He left the newscast in late 2009 for migration.

Monette Soriano
: She was one of the reporters for the newscast before joining Victor Andal as co-anchor and becoming solo anchor with Victor's departure.

Rezlyn Salud: One of the earliest reporters of the newscast, she left the newscast to run for a local government post.

Ellen Lagat: An added reporter the newscast prior to its relaunch to TV Patrol Ilocos.

Present Personalities

Bryan Realgo: He was the lead reporter in the various cities and towns in Ilocos Sur before getting promoted as the anchor succeeding Monette Soriano.

Remy Roca: She was a former anchor-reporter for the newscast in its earlier years. She is now one of the news executives of ABS-CBN Laoag and an occasional contributor for the newscast.

Randy Menor: He continues to be a reporter for the newscast while doing duties as executive producer.

Other Ilocos Patrollers: Ria Galiste (Lead Ilocos Sur Reporter), Dianne Dy, Mark Mangdidila, May Ann Martin (Credits to TV Patrol Ilocos @ Wikipedia)