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TV Patrol Ilocos


TV Channels Covered
  • TV-7 Laoag
  • TV-11/TV-34 Vigan
Places Covered
  • Laoag and Vigan
  • various cities and towns in the following provinces
    • Ilocos Provinces
    • Cagayan Province
    • Cordillera Provinces (Abra, Apayao, Kalinga)
News Events Covered
  • events around the administration of the relatives of the late Philippine President Marcos who occupied various public offices
  • events around the political families besides the Marcoses (Ablan, Farinas, Domingo families)
  • the annual Pamulinawen Festival and other fiestas in and out of Laoag City
  • peace and order situations in and out of Ilocos Provinces
  • the effects of the 2009 typhoons and the 2010 El Nino, and the actions of ABS-CBN and the local authorities against the calamities
Credits to TV Patrol Ilocos @ Wikipedia


Past: Monette Soriano, Victor Andal, George Paul Guerrero and others

Present: Bryan Realgo, Randy Menor, Remy Roca and others...More


Formal Name: TV Patrol Ilocos
Other Name: TV Patrol Laoag
Tagline: Ilocos Patrol ti Pilipino; Patrol ti Ilocandia

1950: Around this year, Monserrat Broadcasting System (MBS) is born with a radio station each in Manila and Laoag. The Lopez family buys MBS, turning MBS Laoag to ABS-CBN Laoag, the first in the Ilocos Provinces, broadcasting until 1972.

1990: ABS-CBN Laoag reopens as a relay TV station (TV-7). It launches its new radio station: DWEL (MOR Laoag) in 1995, and relaunches TV-7 as
originating TV station in 1997. Meeting the need of Ilocanos for news in and out of Laoag and in the Ilocano language, TV-7 premiers its own TV Patrol in 1997.

27 October 2008: TV Patrol Laoag becomes TV Patrol Ilocos, now featuring headlines in the Ilocos Provinces. Reporter Monette Soriano joins Victor Andal anchoring the newscast.

March 2010: TV Patrol Ilocos introduces Ilocos Sur reporter Bryan Realgo as new anchor with additional reporters.

Credits: Kapitan: The Story of Geny Lopez/ABS-CBN Publishing; Wikipedia - TV Patrol Ilocos, ABS-CBN Laoag, MOR Laoag


About the Ilocos

The Ilocos Provinces
  • northwesternmost provinces in the Philippines and in the island of Luzon
  • known as "the Region of the Industrious People"
  • famous for its array of modern-day windmills (for electricity use in the region)
  • popular for its Spanish-era houses and churches in its cities and towns, the most iconic being the houses in Vigan and the church in Paoay town in Ilocos Norte
Laoag City
  • capital of Ilocos Norte; first-class city in the Ilocos Provinces
  • very known for Laoag Empanada, chichacorn, Ilocos bagoong, basi (Ilocos wine) and bagnet
  • popular for the St. William's Cathedral Sinking Bell Tower--a local combination of France's Eiffel Tower and Italy's Leaning Tower of Pisa
Vigan City
  • de facto capital of the Ylocos Provinces (assigned during the Spanish colonial era)
  • current capital of Ilocos Sur
  • iconic food: Vigan Empanada, pinakbet
  • has preserved Spanish colonial era houses that draws tourists everyday making them tagged a World Heritage Site by UNESCO
Credits; Wikipedia
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