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Cebu Personalities

Past Personalities

Titus Borromeo: The pioneer TV personality of TV Patrol Cebu and the post-EDSA ABS-CBN Cebu. He is also the pioneer newscaster of TV Patrol Dumaguete.

The quartet of TV Patrol that made the show must-see TV in Central and Southern Philippines: Bingo Gonzales, Rosemarie Holganza-Borromeo, Dante Luzon and Angela Calina

Dante Luzon:
He was an established radio-TV personality in Central and Southern Philippines when he joined the shows of the newly opened ABS-CBN Davao, among them TV Patrol Davao. He then moved to ABS-CBN Cebu, where he became newscaster in TV Patrol Cebu, aside being a talent and network exec. He then became ABS-CBN Dumaguete exec and TV Patrol Dumaguete newscaster in 2003, earning him a Best Regional Newscaster award. He then became talent, network exec and newscaster in ABS-CBN Davao in 2005, anchoring TV Patrol Davao until his retirement from the network in 2007. He is now a talent, network exec and newscaster for the Cebu Catholic TV Network.

Angela Calina:
Before being a housemate-contestant in ABS-CBN's first celebrity edition of Pinoy Big Brother, she was a winner of Miss Cebu in the early 1990's who became the 4th anchor of TV Patrol Cebu. She became a talent and host in a number of shows in ABS-CBN stations in Manila and Cebu. She was known as host of ABS-CBN Manila's ETC and Kumikitang Kabuhayan and ABS-CBN Cebu's Chikahay Ta and Maayong Buntag Cebu. She has left Cebu for migration.

Harry Gasser:
He was a newscaster and network executive in ABS-CBN's stations in Cebu and Manila before 1972. He was a former newscaster with various TV networks prior to the return of ABS-CBN Cebu. He got back to newscasting in ABS-CBN Cebu through TV Patrol Cebu, earning his Best Regional Newscaster Award.

Ina Reformina:
She was an anchor-reporter for the newscast before moving to ABS-CBN Manila as a current TV Patrol World reporter.

Kim Quilinguing:
He was an anchor-reporter for the Cebu and Cagayan editions of TV Patrol.

Jun Tariman:
He was an anchor-reporter for ABS-CBN's Cebu and Davao news teams.

Fil Lamberang:
The final anchor-reporter of TV Patrol Dumaguete before the newscast merged with TV Patrol Central Visayas. He then worked with ABS-CBN Cebu.

Former anchors of TV Patrol Dumaguete: Karina Locsin, Jazz Miller and Indira Raqueron

Former anchors-reporters of TV Patrol Central Visayas: Vicky Hermosisima, Robinson Yap, Nanette Tapayan, Gil Denuro, Shiela Estrada, Noemi King, RJ Leduna, Nancy Bacalso-Ferrer, Shella Gallardo, Ruth Bolozo, Ramil Paican, Juve Villar, Marlon Bellita

Present Personalities

Leo Lastimosa: He was a longtime news anchor for various networks in the Visayas in the past. He is now the newscast's main anchor and a radio personality for ABS-CBN's Cebu AM radio station DYAB.

Haide Acuna: She was an occasional anchor for the newscast as she pursued her studies as a lawyer years back. She is now a full-time co-anchor in the newscast and a radio personality in ABS-CBN's Cebu AM radio station DYAB.

Rico Lucena: He was a former anchor-reporter for TV Patrol Dumaguete. With the merger of the Dumaguete edition to the Cebu edition, he now works for ABS-CBN Cebu as reporter. He is a radio personality of DYAB and a host of Maayong Buntag Cebu. He is Leo's reliever for the newscast.

Vilma Andales:
She was an anchor-reporter of the newscast years back. She still reports for the newscast. She is now a main host of Maayong Buntag Cebu.

Kara Mae Noveda: Besides being the anchor for the newscast's Star Patrol segment, she is also a newspaper writer and a host for the ABS-CBN Cebu morning show Maayong Buntag Cebu.

Vera Leigh Lasam: Besides the newscast's reporter, she is a segment host for Maayong Buntag Cebu.

Mary Ann Uy: She is one of the news executives of ABS-CBN Cebu and a contributor to the newscast. She occasionally hosts Maayong Buntag Cebu.

Carine Asutilla and DX Lapid: The reporters for Dumaguete City and Negros Oriental.

Reporters of TV Patrol Central Visayas: Edgar Escalante, Carmi Cavanlit, Junrey Nadela, Julene Bulambot, Rachelle Dangin, Ramil Ayuman,  Randy Jainar, Reno Tallado

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