Townsville Photographic Society
Rules for themes and other club projects:

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Monthly Theme:

Towards the end of each year the club will decide on a set of monthly themes for the following twelve months. Each theme will generally be a word or a phrase that is open for club members' individual photographic interpretation. Members will be able to display their theme photos on the allotted monthly meeting for that particular theme.

The idea of having a monthly theme of course is to provide inspiration and an excuse for us all to get out there and take new photos, however to encourage more participants who find it hard to make the time to do this it is perfectly okay to submit a photo taken any time over the previous twelve months prior to the date of submission if it relates to the current theme.

Photos can be presented in any format.

The current themes can be found on the Home Page and the News Page.


Scavenger Hunt:

From time to time the club will run a Scavenger Hunt, which is a list of ten items (words, phrases, letters of the alphabet, etc) to interpret photographically. Unlike the monthly themes, the photos should be shot specifically for the Scavenger Hunt. Members will have a longer period of time to compile their photos for these projects (eg. 3 months).

Photos can be presented in any format.

Details of any current Scavenger Hunts can be found on the Home Page and the News Page.