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BLOG: Georgia - Hungary September 2011

By Rick Mindermann
September 13 -24, 2011.  
Darrell, Esther, the newest member of our team - sound man extraodinaire Jimmy Bell, and I  were invited  to visit the birthplace of wine, The Republic of Georgia, to attend the first annual Qvevri Symposium, a symposium on the ancient Georgian wine making method, and to film a promo video for the Georgian Wine Association.  We traveled  with a number of national and international media people, educators, and scientists who were also invited to this amazing event.  Here is a short teaser video of our time in Georgia.
We  made a 4 day stop in Hungary on our way home, where we  drove to Hungary's famous Tokaj wine region to tour the home of the rarest wine in the world!  The  Georgian part of our Corti TV blog is finished.  It contains 487 photos and 80 videos.  We hope you enjoy it. We will send out an announcement when the Hungary part of the blog is finished.  
Hungary, Magyarország, Budapest, Budapest, View of the Parliament                 
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