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They Listened!

Darrell Corti has consulted for numerous companies internationally over the decades. Through his knowledge and guidance many new and wonderful products were born.  Here are a few of many;
Darrell was asked by his food and wine entrepreneur friend, Leslie Rudd, to assist
in developing Leslie's Gin No.209.  At the final stage something was missing
Darrell recommended of an  infusion of bergamot peel which became the the final
perfect touch to this wonderful spirit. Corti Brothers was first to offer this gin for sale
through Darrell's newsletter.
Darrell recommended Sangiovese as the best grape varietal to plant.
He also named the vineyard and winery for the Italian word for Walnut
Orchard, as walnut trees were abundant on the property.
Corti Brothers sold the first vintage and every vintage since.

Darrell offered his vision of the future, experience and fine palate when a group sought
to produce fine caviar from farm raised sturgeon.  Permission was given to obtain root
stock from wild Sacramento River sturgeon in order to develop the proper line of fish
from which to produce fine caviar. Corti Brothers offered for sale the first 600 lb harvest
in 1996 and freatures Sterling caviar for sale daily.
When this Spanish company started up in California, they approached Darrell Corti. Knowing that Darrell was one of the most knowledgable experts in olive oil, they sought his guidance. Corti Brothers
was asked to be the first to exclusively offer this companies oil.
While on a wine judging trip to Australia, Darrell found this wonderful product.
He knew they would be embraced by the U.S. market, so he arranged to
import the line exclusively. They have since become so successful they
have been copied by other companies.

When Mai Pham, the the chef and owner of Lemon Grass Restaurant in Sacramento, California decided to create a line of cooking sauces, she turned to Darrell Corti & Rick Mindermann to assist. Mai is a respected author, media personality, and an expert on Southeast Asian Cuisine. She writes for national publications, conducts cooking classes and seminars, and serves as a consultant to various food organizations throughout the U.S. Corti Brothers was the first to announce and sell her line.
Corti Brother was the first retailer for the Sacramento Cookie Factory.
Darrell embraced theses wonderful products, which are now sold internationally.
Darrell Corti and Rick Mindermann were responsible for their placement
as the official commemorative cookie at the Disneyworld EPCOT Center
International Food & Wine Festival in 2005, 2006, and 2007

While in Florida to appear for the EPCOT Center International Food & Wine Festival
Darrell Corti, Rick Mindermann, and Nora Carey, director of the festival, were invited
to visit the Empire Winery and Distillery near Tampa. From this tour, Darrell requested the products
be brought to California for sale. Rick Mindermann designed new labels for their fruit
liqueurs, and created a new name and label for their vodka. What was Imperial Vodka, became
V6 (Vodka distilled 6 times). Corti Brothers was the first to offer these spirits in California.