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CHILE 2009, CORFO Project

The Corti Brothers along with our production team were invited to tour Chile in June of 2009 by the Chilean Economic Development Agency (CORFO). We attended the CORFO Agri-Food Cluster Forum in Santiago, and were enlisted to create a promotional video for use by CORFO.  The Forum is held annually in Chile to promote foriegn investment in Chile's wine, fruit, and olive trade. Our video is now posted on the CORFO website and is being distrubuted in their promotional packages internationally. The skill, art, and experience of Producer Stephanie Locher, Hi-Def camerawoman Esther Ritter, and their editors are very evident in these videos.
14 hours of High Definition video was captured and 6 high quality broadcast quality video stories were produced including the promotional video for CORFO.
Behind the scenes footage of Casa Santa Cruz Hotel Executive Chef Guillermo Munoz preparing classic Chilean specialties for the Corti Brothers team.
Local KCRA News spot 
Here is the link to the Blog of the trip: http://oodlebox.blogspot.com/2009/06/story-breaks.html
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