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Palermo, Venice and Northern Italy.  March 15 - March 26, 2011
By Rick Mindermann

Darrell was invited to attend two wine trade events sponsored by Winett Taste & Trade and the Instituto Regionale Della Vite E Del Vino of Sicily. Esther Ritter and I tagged along to produce a few promotional videos for our hosts and for Corti Brothers. The blog was composed after sifting through over 2000 photos, 382 candid hand held VLOG videos shot, and 19 hours of  1080p HD video. The youtube videos in the blog will play at standard definition. There are a number of videos that were downloaded at 720p and 1080p. If you have a fast internet speed, they are best viewed in HD full screen. Esther shot professional broadcast HD video for the promotional videos.
We will post those videos when they are finished.
We hope you enjoy the blog, which was created to share the experience of traveling with Darrell.
Here is a short trailer of the trip.
The Blog has already received a wonderful mention from the L.A Times Food Editor,
Russ Parsons: