Transition Van Buren/Allegan (TVBA)


What is Transition Van Buren/Allegan (TVBA)?

In 2009, TVBA became the 49th official Transition Initiative in the USA, and the 3rd in Michigan.  As of January 2013 there are 130 in the nation and 452 worldwide.  As a registered non profit in the State of Michigan (not a nationally registered not for profit organization) the goal of TVBA is to help those in the area who'd like their communities to become a part of this movement.

What Transition Initiative?

A Transition Initiative is a community working together to build resilience in the face of fossil fuel depletion, climate change and economic crises.  (from Transition US website).


TVBA is working to build stronger local communities in Van Buren and Allegan counties in the  

face of peak oil, climate change and economic disruption.  More specifically, as a “Temporary  

Initiating Hub,” TVBA intends to catalyze and support emerging Transition Initiatives in our area.


The Transition Model emboldens communities to look fearlessly at peak oil, climate change and  

economic instability because it knows that people in communities can find ways of coping with  

these challenges to create thriving and resilient neighborhoods. 

Integral to the Transition Model are the Permaculture ethics of: 

*  Earthcare: recognizing that the Ear th is the source of all life, that the Earth is our only  

home and that we are part of Earth’s web of life, not separate from it. 

*  Peoplecare:   supporting and helping each other to live in a way that is not harmful to  

ourselves or the planet as we develop healthy societies. 

*  Fairshare: ensuring that the Earth’s limited resources are utilized in ways that are  

equitable and wise for both the present and future wellbeing of the entire biosphere.    


*   Raise public awareness of the issues associated with climate change, the peaking of  

global oil supplies, and the related economic instability. 

*   Encourage the formation of Working Groups to help communities recover and affirm  

more self­reliant activities that are less dependent on fossil fuels. 

*   Inspire our communities to unleash the collective genius of our citizens to create a  

response that reduces our carbon emissions (in response to climate change), increases our  

resilience (in response to the shocks of peak oil) and strengthens our local economy (in response  

to economic instability. 

*   Collaborate and coordinate with governments, agencies, organizations, and other  

groups at local, regional, national and global levels as appropriate to achieve these objectives.