White Collar

Things used in the TV show White Collar
White Collar props, set items and wardrobe pieces were auctioned when the series wrapped after 6 seasons on USA Network. On this website, Matt Bomer fans can:
  • See up-close photos of items used by actors of this popular show. 
  • Know the things and brands used by the characters. 
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  • *More White Collar items and brands to be listed, so come back to visit!*

Updated: 5/25/2015

Did you ever want to know the brand and where to buy those furniture and décor? Make your place like Neal's New York City loft or the Burkes' peaceful suburban house. Here's what they used:

Neal's gray couch appears prominently in the loft's living room in many episodes.

Brand: Shenandoah Furniture Inc.
Neal Caffrey's Gray Couch
Peter and Elizabeth's suede beige couch.

Brand: Room&Board , made for McCreary Modern
Neal's chair (1 of 2)  faces the fireplace in his apartment.  http://www.ebay.com/sch/m.html?_ssn=racre8&_sop=10
Lamp from the Burke home

Brand: Hampton Bay
Neal's antique oven. It is an old stepside-right oven. This is what it looks like when opened. 

Brand: there's a mark on it that says "Quality Insulated"
This rolling furniture appears next to Neal's bed in his apartment with a large mirror atop it and other decorative items.

Brand: unknown

Neal's fireside cabinet

Brand: unknown
The Burke's Mini Greenhouse case

Brand: Unknown

Diana's Yellow Dining Chairs

Brand: Unknown