Stunning, publication quality plots with Rlplot

Will be using RLPLot version 1.3 

What is RLPLot? 

 RLPlot is is a plotting program to create high quality graphs from data. Based on values stored in a spreadsheet several menus help you to create graphs of your choice. The Graphs are displayed as you get them (Wysiwyg). Double click any element of the graph (or a single click with the right mouse button) to modify its properties. RLPlot is a cross platform development for Linux and Windows.

Why is it called "RLPlot"?

 Very likely the "RL" of RLPLot is taken from the first letters of the creator of the application; Reinhard Lackner.

Where can you get more info and download RLPLot?

Of course, from the RLPLot page 

What is this page about?

 I will be providing links to videos that I had created and uploaded which will be a sort of a "look and learn" about using RLPlot. So without any delay, we will just jump straight to the job. 
p.s. this page will be updated, as and when I make these videos, so please bear with me :-) 

Basic plotting:

Scatterplots (x-y plots):

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Other great plotting software: