Register for Youth Religious Exploration classes

First year is on us! If you are registering for the second time, we encourage you to pay on a sliding scale from $25 per child up to $45 per child (or $90 per family). (We don’t want finances to bar anyone from participating, financial waivers given upon request.) The amount requested is a small portion of what it costs to be part of a faith community; we hope that you will pledge to TUUC as your circumstances allow.

Families who have attended 6 months to a year are asked to participate in our cooperative program by becoming part of a teaching team or joining the YRE Committee. Please indicate your choice of session to teach when filling out the registration form. Currently, all classes and groups for teens (YRUU) are offered at 111:154 am only.

Our youth religious exploration program is available to the children of TUUC members and committed friends. The registration donation covers only a fraction of the expense of the program; the balance is provided by the financial support of the entire congregation.

Childcare is by far the largest line item in our RE budget. Please fill out a guest form before visiting a class so we have contact and allergy information about every child.Fill out a registration form as soon as possible.Please print out the form and mail it or hand it in to the director of religious exploration.
Joyce Duncan,
Apr 27, 2016, 9:49 AM