Why do families choose Towson Unitarian Universalist Church
on Sunday mornings?

"help my children clarify their values”

“find a way to help others”

“celebrate life’s joys and sorrows,”

“think about the big questions of life”

“we came for our children but stayed to become part of caring community”

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 Program Overview
Cooperative Youth Program

All parents are expected to help with the youth program by joining a teaching team (their own child’s or another) for at least one semester each year. Parents are welcome to sit in on any class. We ask families to register their child for classes or nursery care so that teachers will know how many children to expect in class and so that parents will receive class information through weekly parent email. TUUC has policies that ensure the safety of children, teens, and adults. Families must register ALL children nursery through high school age if they wish to participate in programming. (Click her to Register for RE.)

Themes for each year are chosen carefully to make sure our children learn the seven principles and six sources that are the foundation of Unitarian Universalism (click here UU Principles and Sources.) Themes for the year follow a three-year rotation to ensure that certain topics receive concentrated attention: 

  • Jewish and Christian teachings
  • faith traditions around the world
  • Unitarian Universalism and social justice
  In Fall 2016 through 2017, religious exploration classes will be learning about our third Unitarian Universalist source, which is wisdom from the world's religions. 
Social Action

Towson Unitarian Universalist Church has a strong history of working for economic and social justice, with appropriate opportunities for those of all ages. (Please see Social Action for Youth for details.



Build multigenerational community
Foster Unitarian Universalist identity
Support all as teachers and learners
Put our faith into action in the wider world

TUUC is a place for all ages to come together…

Classes for all ages are offered at the 11:15 am service.Families worship together for the first 15 minutes at  in the meeting room. Afterwards children join their teachers and parade to their classrooms downstairs. On holidays, we offer services designed to appeal to people of all ages. On these days children worship with their families upstairs for the entire service. Children, teachers, parents, and the YRE director create and present at least one service each year. These services are announced in our newsletter and weekly email

Please enjoy 15 minutes of coffee and conversation after the service in our lobby before going downstairs to get your child (classes last 1 hour and 15 minutes; services usually last one hour). Children nine and younger must be released to a parent or designee.


 Programming for Middle and High School Age Youth

In Fall 2016, we will offer a Unitarian Universalist Coming of Age program, in which youth explore their own spirituality, other faiths, their role at TUUC and in the community. The group prepares a final service and celebration at which they read the faith statements they have written. (In Fall 2017, we will offer Our Whole Lives sexuality education course for middle schoolers, (usually those in 8th and 9th grades).  

Teens in 9th through 12th grade can participate in many ways. They are welcome to join the choir, play music at services, teach or assist in a YRE class, participate in social action, or join Young Religious Unitarian Universalists (YRUU). This group plans much of its curricula with adult advisors, sponsors and attends overnights with other UU teen groups, participates in social action projects, and puts on its own service in late winter, among other activities. Please see Young Religious UUs (high school youth) for more information.

Fall 2016
Some classes for older children require parent orientation. Please email Joyce if you have questions or click below to register for our youth religious exploration programs.

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Joyce Duncan
Credentialed Religious Educator
410 825-6045