We are an inter-generational Christian community in the United Methodist tradition.

        We believe faith can be a lifelong adventure of heart and mind, soul and strength
        that transforms people and heals the world.

        We worship on Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m.
        Our building is accessible to everyone.  All are welcome.

        Our roots in the community are long, and our commitment to its well-being is deep.
        The original church building dates from 1882.  A new multi-purpose sanctuary and kitchen
        were completed in 1993, and the original building was connected to the new structure
        and renovated to create office and meeting spaces in 2001.

        Our facility enables us to feed a crowd, host a concert, house a visiting work crew from out-of-town,
        run a neighborhood flu clinic, and offer our space to various community groups
        like AA and The Compassionate Friends.