is an open source image processing framework based on OpenFX plugin standard including:
  • Sam
    • Command line tools to manipulate file sequences and do batch processing operations.
    • You can perform Input / Output file sequences conversions.
    • You can batch image manipulation processes using Tuttle Plugins.
    • Commercial OpenFX plugins (Sapphire, Furnace, Keylight, ...) available from command line.
    • See Sam tools documentation
  • Tuttle Plugins
    • Set of OpenFX plugins that you can use from Sam or from your preferred OpenFX host (Nuke, Fusion, ...).
    • Image processing
      • Color correction
        • Color Transform Language (CTL), OpenColorIO LUT, Color Transfer, ...
      • Filtering
        • Blur, Sobel, Non-Local Means Denoising, ...
      • Geometric distorsion
        • Crop, Resize, Flip, Flop, Pinning, Lens Distort, ...
      • Text
    • IO, supports a lot of image and video formats
    • See Plugins documentation
  • Tuttle Host Library - for developers
    • A C++ library to load OpenFX plugins and manipulate a graph of OpenFX nodes.
    • So you can use it as a high level image processing library.
    • Python binding.
  • Tuttle Plugin Library - for developers
    • A library to easily write OpenFX plugins in C++. Just a modified version of the standard "OpenFX Plugin Support".
  • Terry Library - for developers
    • A low level C++ image processing library based on Boost GIL.

The name Tuttle comes from a character in Terry Gilliam's movie "Brazil".
In the totalitarian world of Brazil, Archibald Tuttle is a dissenting plumber and heating specialist (plumber avenger) introduced illegally in people's house to repair their air conditioning.

TuttleOFX is under active developmentsee release notes
If you want to get involved, feel free to contact our community. You'll also find plenty of useful documentation on this website (user documentation, dev documentation, downloads...).

Our wishes list can be found here. These wishes are corresponding to real and challenging user expectations. 
Suggestions, original ideas are very welcomed :)