Winters Fantasy

1A1WinterFantasyRockrose.jpg picture by peachesandsweetcheeks


3 Tubes of choice, I am using the sweet art by Jamie Kidd. You can purchase a license to use his art HERE at CILM.
Scrap kit "Let it Snow" by Chica's Designz and Chica's template #21. HERE Thank you Chica for sharing this beautiful template.

OK...Let's create a winter fantasy.

Open up Chica's template, and remove her watermark layer. Layers>New Raster Layer and flood fill white and move to the bottom layer in the template.

Copy and paste Paper 1 from Chica's kit ~ re-size 30%. Place above the right background. Effects>3D>Drop Shadow, settings: V3, H7, Opacity 71, Blur 12. Duplicate>Image>Mirror. Delete both backgrounds in the template. 

Drop shadow frames 2 & 3. Using the same settings as above.

Copy and paste 1st tube, place in the frame. Copy and paste 2nd tube, placing it in the other frame. Using Eraser tool, erase any tube outside the frames. Drop shadow tubes.

Copy and paste 3rd larger tube, place in the center. Drop shadow.

Copy and paste paper 4 ~ re-size 70%. On Back 1 ~ Selections>All, Selections>Float. Selections>Defloat.
On Paper, Selections>Invert, press the delete key on your keyboard. Delete the original Back 1 in the template.

Drop shadow Frame 1, Doodle and Leafs 1 & 2.

On Butterflies, Effects>3D>Inner bevel, Settings: using color Navy. Bevel 2, Width 20, Smoothness 0, Depth 20, Ambiance 0, Shininess 0, angle 315, Intensity 50, Elevation 30. Drop shadow both.

Add any elements you wish from Chica's "Let it Snow" scrap kit.
I used Ribbon 5 ~ re-sized 70%. Flower 5 ~ 40%. Duplicate>Image>Mirror.

Add your copyright, watermark and name. Re-size if you wish. Font of choice, I used Broadway Font.

Save as a jpg or png and you are done!!!

Hope you enjoyed this Jamie Kidd tutorial!!!