Simple Beauty

 1A1SimpleBeautyRose.gif picture by peachesandsweetcheeks


2 tubes, a close up is preferable. I am using the sensational art by Keith Garvey. You can purchase a license to use his art HERE at MPT.

Free Scrap kit "Simple Beauty" by Scraps Dimensions HERE. Thank you Doris!!!
Flower Mask by Chas HERE. Thank you Chas!!! 

Plugin>Xero>Porcelain and VM Natural>Sparkle HERE (both optional)

Let's create a Simple Beauty!!!

Open a new image 650x650 pixels and flood fill white. Put the Flower Mask in your PSP Mask folder.

Copy and paste paper 10 ~ re-size 70%.
Layers>Load/save Mask>Load Mask from disk>fit to layer, invert transparency UN-checked. Layers>Merge, Merge Group.

Copy and paste Frame Tag ~ re-size 85%. Drop Shadow

Copy and paste Close up tube, move below the frame. Erase tube outside frame. Adjust>Hue & Saturation>Hue 255, Saturation 0.

Copy and paste word art "Simple Beauty" 3 ~ re-size 50%.
***For the animation the word art must be on it's own layer.

***Re-size all layers 90%.

Copy and paste full tube. Image>Mirror tube. (Optional) Effects>plugin>Xero>Porcelain on tube, this helps a grainy look on the tube if doing animation and makes a clearer effect.

Add the elements you like from Doris's scrap kit. I used Bow 1 ~ 30%.
curibbon 2-5 ~ 50%. Duplicate>Image>Mirror, move above background.
Flower 3 ~ 30% then 50%.

Add your watermark, copyright and name. Font of choice. I use Sweetheart script Font.

Save as jpg or png if you are not going on with the animation.

Sure hope you enjoyed this Beauty!!!

On the Word Art layer, Effects>Plugin>VM Natural>Sparkle
Settings: Max size 15, Red, Green, Blue all set to 255, For the 1st frame going to animation set Random seed to 142. Layers>Copy Merged and paste in Animation Shop as a new animation. Go back to PSP, Change Random seed to 64, copy merged again and paste in AS after the first frame. Back to PSP and repeat these steps once more changing the Random seed to 189. Run your animation, save as a GIF....and you have a sparkling beautiful Word Art!!