Sassy Girls

AAAAAAASassyGirlsRoseSweetheartScri.jpg picture by peachesandsweetcheeks


I used a new Ismael Rac tube now at Artistic Minds Inc. (AMI) HERE, with layers of different hair, cloths, eye colors, etc., but 4 different tubes would work well also.
Free Scrap kit "Pinky Lee" by Chica's Designz HERE. Thank you Chica!!!
Chas9Mask HERE. Thank you Chas!!!

Ok Let's Play!!!

Open a new image 650x650 and flood fill it white.
Put Chas's mask in your PSP Mask folder.

Copy and paste paper 35 from Chica's kit ~ re-size 70%.

Layers>Load/save Mask>Load Mask from disk>fit to layer, invert transparency UN-checked. Layers>Merge, Merge Group.

Copy and paste frame 23 ~ re-size 75%.
Copy and paste paper 28 ~ re-size 70%. Using the magic wand tool, click inside the 1st frame. Selections>Modify>expand by 4. Selections>Invert delete on the paper. Repeat the same steps for the other 2 frames, using the same paper 28. All papers should be below the frame.

Frame ~ Effects>3D>Drop shadow, V3, H3, Opacity 71, Blur 11. Use this drop shadow setting throughout.

Copy and paste full tube, place to the right of the frame. ~ make changes you like, to hair, outfit etc., if using the same tube. Re-size 60%.
Copy and paste tube inside the top frame ~ re-size 65%. Drop shadow and erase tube below the frame. Copy and paste 2nd tube inside 2nd frame, Image Mirror tube, also drop shadow tube, and erase tube outside frame. Changing the hair and shirt color to your liking. For the bottom frame, use your Selections Tool, draw out the head and partial shoulders, Copy and paste tube again, drop shadow. ***I used this method because the full tube would not fit at the bottom on the page.

Add any elements you wish from Chica's kit. I used Bow 6 ~ 30%. Fan ~ 30%, Lantern 1 ~ 25%. Purse 3 ~ 30%. Perfume ~ 30%. Zinnia 4 ~ 30%, Duplicate, Image>Mirror.

Add your copyright, watermark and name. Font of choice, I used Sweetheart Font.

Re-size all layers to your liking, I re-sized 90%, 585 pixels.

Save as a jpg or png and that is it. I sure hope you had fun with this tutorial!!!