Ice Cream Dream

AnIceCreamDreamRockrose.gif picture by peachesandsweetcheeks


2 tubes of choice, I am using the luscious art by Elias Chatzoudis. You can purchase a licensce to use his art HERE at MPT.
Free scrap kit "Pinky Lee" by Chica's Designz and template # 17 also by Chica HERE. Thank you Sweetie!!!
Plugin>Alien Skin Xenofex 2>Lightening HERE (Optional) 

Ok Let's dream about Ice Cream LOL

Open up Chica's template # 17 and remove her watermark layer. New Raster layer, Flood fill white and move to the bottom in the template.

Hide all layers but NOT all circles. Layers>Merge visible. Now unhide the layers, leaving the circles now all on one layer.

Copy and paste paper 33 ~ re-size 70%.

On the circles, Selections>All, Selections>Float, Selections>Defloat. On the paper, Selections>Invert and press the Delete key on your keyboard. Selections>None. Delete the original circles in the template. Drop shadow them.

Copy and paste paper 12 ~ re-size 70%. On the Matte in the palette, repeat the above steps. Selections>All..etc. remember to delete the original. 
Adjust>Blur>Blur More.

On Frame, Drop shadow.

Copy and paste paper 5 ~ re-size 50%. On Frame back, repeat the above Selections>All ....etc.

Copy and paste 1st Tube, inside the frame, Drop shadow, and move below the frame, erasing tube below frame.

Copy and paste 2nd larger Tube and Drop shadow.

Drop Shadow Doodles 1 & 2.

Delete Rose 1. On Rose 2 - Adjust>Color, Red 100, Green 1, Blue 100.

Write out the words "Ice Cream Dream", using the font of choice, I used AEZ Lemonade true type font.

Add the elements you like from Chica's kit.
I used Worm 3 ~ 40%. Adjust>Color, Red -22, Green 100, Blue 22.
Bow 2 ~ 30%, Adjust>Color, same settings as used for the worm.

Re-size if you wish, I find the size to my liking.

Add your watermark, copyright and name. Font of choice, I used. AEZ Lemonade true type font.

Save as a jpg or npg if you are not going on with the animation.


On the pink paper inside the frame. Go to effects>Plugins>Alien skin Xenofex 2>Lightening and apply these settings Thickness 33, Jaggedness 92, Branch 90, Branch Space 36, Random seed 5917. Copy merged and paste as a new animation in Animation Shop. Back to PSP, undo the effect, and click once on the Random seed to change the setting. Copy merged again and paste in AS shop after your first frame. Back to PSP, undo the effect, change Random seed once again and paste after current frame, so you have 3 frames in AS. Go to Edit>Select all Animation>Frame properties and change the display time to 22. Run your animation. Lightening!!!

Save as a gif and that's it you're done!