Heavenly Valentine


HeavenlyValentineRockroseLoveFont.jpg picture by peachesandsweetcheeks



Tube of choice, I am using a tube from Barb Jensen's new Valentine special Mini-Pack. You can purchase a license to use her stunning art HERE.
Scrap kit "Lovely Valentine" by our very talented Chica HERE.
Ali's Valentine Template #12 HERE. Thank you Ali!!!

Onward and forward with Psp-ing!!! LOL

Open Ali's template # 12. Delete her watermark layer.
New Raster Layer, flood fill white, move to the bottom in your layers palette.

Copy and paste paper 10 ~ re-size 70%.
On raster 4 (large heart) ~ Selections>ALL, Selections>Float. Selections>Defloat. On Paper layer ~ Selections>Invert>Delete. Selections>None. DELETE ORIGINAL FROM TEMPLATE.

Copy and paste paper 7 ~ re-size 60%.
On large circle raster 3 ~ Repeat the steps you just did for paper 10.

Copy and paste paper 10, once again. On raster 2 ~ repeat the same steps. remembering to delete the original on template.

Copy and paste paper 8 ~ re-size 60%.
On raster 1 (red hearts), repeat the same step...Selections>All...Selections>Float etc., remembering to delete the red heart layer.
Drop shadow all.

***Roses layer should be on the top in your layers palette. Large heart on the bottom.

Copy and paste tube, drop shadow and erase bit of leg overhanging.
****On tube ~ Adjust>Sharpness>Sharpen More (optional)

Copy and paste paper 18 ~ re-size 60%.
Duplicate the large Heart. On copy ~ re-size that layer only ~ 112%.
Magic wand inside this heart. Selections>Invert>Delete on the paper layer. Delete copy of heart.
Move paper above white background. Effects>Blinds: Width 14, Opacity 50.
Adjust>Blur>Radial Blur. settings:
twirl checked, strength 50, twirl degrees 40, H3, V3, Protect center 0, Elliptical checked.

Add word art from Chica's kit "Love" ~ re-size 55%.

Add the elements you wish, I used Butterflies 1 & 2 ~ 40%, Butterfly 3, 35% Image>Free rotate, right 21. Bow 3A ~ 35%.

Re-size all layers to your liking, my final size is 580 pixels. Add your copyright, watermark and name. Font of choice, I used "Love" font. Save as a jpg or png, and you're done!!!

Sure hope you had fun with this tutorial!!!