Happy St.Patty's Day

1AHappyStPaddysDayRockrose.gif picture by peachesandsweetcheeks


4 tubes of choice, I am using tubes from Barbara Jensen's new package "Irish Spring". You can purchase a license to use her art HERE.
Chica's new Irish scrap kit "St. Patty's Gold" HERE....awesome kit!!!!!!

Ok Let's get Irish!!!

Open a new image 700x650 pixels and flood fill white. Copy and paste paper 7 from Chica's kit ~ re-size 70%.
Effects>Texture Effects>Mosaic Antique.
Settings: # Columns 60, # of rows 60, Tile Diffusion 60, Grout Width 2, Grout Diffusion 60.
***Re-size that layer ONLY 85%

Copy and paste frame 8 ~ re-size 40%. Place in top right corner, Duplicate Image>Mirror.
Copy and paste frame 8 once again, place bottom right corner, Duplicate Image>Mirror.
Hide white background and Mosaic background. Layers>Merge>Visible. Now un-hide backgrounds.
Now you have 1 frame.

Copy and paste paper 2 ~ re-size 40%.
Magic wand inside 1st frame. Selections>Modify Expand by 3. Selections>Invert Delete on the paper.
Copy and paste 1st tube, Drop shadow, Move below the frame, erase tube outside frame.
****Repeat the above for the other 3 frames.

*****Image Canvass Size 725x675. Erase tube that now shows at the bottom of your page.

Re-size the background layer ONLY to 120%.
Now re-size all layers 90%.

Copy and paste Banner ~ re-size 75%.
Copy and paste Charm 6 ~ re-size 25%.
Drop shadow all elements. Ribbon 7 ~ re-size 75%, Pot of Gold 40%, Bouquet 60%.

Copy and paste doodle 1 ~ re-size 60%. Duplicate Image>Mirror, Move above background.
Add watermark, copyright and name. Font of choice, I used Celtic Garamond the 2nd Font.

Save as a jpg or png if you are not going on to the animation.


On the Charm 6 Layer ~ Adjust>Add/Remove Noise ~ Add Noise
Settings: Gaussian checked, Monochrome checked,
For 1st frame that you are taking to Animation Shop, Noise at 46. Copy Merged and paste in AS.
Back to PSP, undo the effect and re-apply with the 2nd frame Noise set to 50.
for 3rd frame change Noise to 55. 
Run animation, save as a gif...

I sure hope you enjoyed this Irish tutorial!!!