Garveys Girls


GarvGirl16Rose1SnappyFont.jpg picture by peachesandsweetcheeks


5 tubes of choice, I am using the sensational art by Keith Garvey. You can purchase a license to use his art
Scrap kit "My Country Garden" by Chica's Designz and 
Template #16, also by Chica's Designz
HERE. Thank you so much Chica for sharing it!!!
Plugin, Xero Porcelain
HERE (Optional)

Ok Let's Get started!!! 

Open Chica's template and remove her watermark layer. New Raster Layer and flood fill white and move to the bottom in your palette. 

Copy and paste paper 13 from Chica's scrap kit. Re-size 60%.
On the Circles in the template, Selections>All, Selections>Float, Selections>Defloat. On the paper, Selections>Invert, press your delete key on your keyboard. Selections>None. Delete the original in the template. Move the new circles above the Square frame. 

Copy and paste 1st close up tube, re-size 50%. Place on the 1st circle. Effects>3D>Drop shadow, settings: V3, H3, Opacity 71, Blur 9. Use this same Drop shadow throughout. Using your eraser tool, erase tube outside circle. Move tube below Word Arts 1 & 2.

*Repeat the above steps for the other 3 circles, using Garv's close ups, all re-size 50%.

**Move word Art 3 "GARV" above the tubes. Adjust>Color, Red 100, Green -19, Blue 2. Also on Hearts 1, 2 &3, Adjust>Color, same settings. Drop shadow all Word Arts and all hearts.

Copy and paste paper 14 ~ re-size 60%. On Square frame, Selections>All, Selections>Float, Selections>Defloat. On paper Selections>Invert, press the delete key on your keyboard. Delete the original. Drop shadow.

Copy and paste paper 15 ~ re-size 60%. On the accent, repeat the above steps, Selections>all etc....

Copy and paste paper 16 ~ re-size 60%. On rectangle, repeat Selections>all etc....

Copy and paste paper 5 ~ re-size 30%. Delete Square Back in the template.

Copy and paste full tube, placing in the center, Drop shadow, move below GARV word art. Apply Effect, Plugin, Xero, Porcelain Default settings (Optional)

Add the Elements you wish from Chica's kit. I used: Butterflies 6 & 7 ~ 25%. Ribbon 5 ~ 47%.

Add your copyright watermark and name. Font of choice, I used 1 Snappy DNA Font. Re-size if you wish, I found the size of the template to my liking.

Save as a jpg or png and you're done!!!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!!